ProjectLinker custom File Filtering support

Apr 12, 2011 at 8:45 AM


I know this question does not have much with prism, rather with ProjectLinker...

We are currently developing 4 application suites with multiple targets:

  • mobile
    • WP7
    • monodroid
  • RIA
    • silverlight
  • Desktop
    • WPF
    • WF (mostly form mono)

For proof of concept File Filtering in ProjectLinker is OK, but for real work we have hit the wall, because
customization for each platform is needed.

Due to the fact that we start with "smaller' platform (mobile) and go toward bigger richer platforms
expanding/adding features, sometimes problems arise due to discrepancies between implementations..

Simple case IsolatedStorage.GetFilenames()

  • WP7 and SL
    • IsolatedStorage.GetFilenames()
    • IsolatedStorage.GetFilenames(string pattern)
  • WPF (desktop version)
    • IsolatedStorage.GetFilenames()

This case is simple because these are MS platforms and considered to be "similar". One can imagine
how tricky this can be when mono and it's derivatives come in  the game....

The feature of interest would be some kind of mapping between extension and project type, so that
files with those extensions would not be linked to other target projects... Right now this is implemented
for *.Silverlight.cs and *.WPF.cs, but we need more and preferably in some kind of loadable settings xml.

Any ideas when could we expect such support?

We are ready to help with this, tried even with source code from ProjectLinker to find and modify,
but no success:

Loading C:\Users\moljac\Desktop\ProjectLinker\ProjectLinker\ProjectLinker\ProjectLinker.csproj ...C:\Users\moljac\Desktop\ProjectLinker\ProjectLinker\ProjectLinker\ProjectLinker.csproj : error  : The project file 'C:\Users\moljac\Desktop\ProjectLinker\ProjectLinker\ProjectLinker\ProjectLinker.csproj' cannot be opened. 


Running VS2010...



Apr 12, 2011 at 4:19 PM

Hi Mel,

We have no official information regarding this feature. I am creating a work item in the issue tracker so that the Prism team considers this for a future release.


Miguel Bronzovic