trying to play with transitionals and prism

May 27, 2008 at 4:34 PM
I am going to try to play with the stuff in the codeplex/Transitionals project ( Great JOB BTW!! ) merged with some of the Prism stuff so that I can go through the learning curve on both.

What I want to create is a region with a TransitionElement as the "Fill" and a list of views ( or at least a visual of them ) docked across the bottom ( or top, or side, etc. ).

When views are added to the region, the list across the bottom of the region would show a "visual" of each view.  When the user clicks on one of the views in the list, the main area of the region would then transition to that view. 

I have played with doing this with Transitionals alone, and figured this would make a slick region in Prism.

So what I am looking for is some advice for an approach from people who are much better at both WPF, and Prism than I. 

Any suggestions?  Should I create a deriviation of a SimpleRegion?  Should I create a new Region Adaptor?

Also, in CAB there was the concept of a SmartPartInfo.  Are y'all thinking of creating such a beastie?  Metadata about a view would be a nice thing to have for any region to use with its presentation of its contents.  ( i.e. Tabs, lists, docked areas, )  One does not always want to show the actual view, but a representation of the view to the user for them to select from.