Ambiguous naiming in sample apps causes error

Aug 19, 2008 at 10:48 PM

I tried assigning an x:Name value to the ModuleA.AddFundView in the EventAggregation solution. I kept getting an error:

Description: The type name 'AddFundView' does not exist in the type 'ModuleA.ModuleA' 
File: AddFundView.xaml 
Project: ModuleA

After some more investigation, I realized that there is an issue with MS compiler when auto-generating code. Because I assigned the x:Name property, the compiler must auto-generate this. When it does, it has a problem retrieving ModuleB.ActivityView as Class[IModule].Class when it should be looking for the view as Namespace.Class.

The solution would be to change either the name of the namespace or the name of the ambiguous class in question. I ended up changing the class.

So at the end, please keep this in mind when creating sample apps: Keep distributed resources less error prone.

Thank you.