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If a TabControl is marked as a region with multiple views, activating a view through the region does not activate the tab containing the view. In Prism V1, this activating a view for a TabControl region would select the tab containing the view.

Example Code

Given a TabControl as a region named "TabRegion"

    var view1 = new TextBlock() { Text = "Tab1" };
    var view2 = new TextBlock() { Text = "Tab2" };
    var region = regionManager.Regions["TabRegion"];


    region.Activate(view2);  // Does not properly activate view2


The SelectorItemsSourceSyncBehavior attached to the TabControl did not update the TabControl.SelectedItem when the Regions ActiveViews collection changed.


The MSDN download has been update to correct this problem.

Disscussion and Issue

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