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Known Issues / Fixes

Below you will find the description and fix (if applicable) to known issues in Prism.

Prism Version 4.1 Known Issues / Fixes

  • Description: Running Code Analysis on the Prism Silverlight projects result in CA0055 warnings as FxCop cannot resolve references to older libraries.  See connect issue 713608.  The Prism library references versions of the Common Service Locator and Unity that still reference Silverlight 4.

Prism Version 4.0 Known Issues / Fixes

  • Description: When running the Silverlight applications using the beta version of Internet Explorer 9, it has been found that Internet Explorer 9 will sometimes display an error message when an application first starts. If this occurs, click the Internet Explorer 9 Refresh button, and then the page will load correctly.
  • Description: After running the RegisterAssemblies.bat batch file, you may need to restart Visual Studio so that the Prism Library assembly references show up.
  • Description: In solutions that have both Silverlight and WPF projects, the Visual Studio Designer will display an error if the correct startup project is not selected. When viewing Silverlight code, set the Silverlight project as the startup project. When viewing WPF code, set the WPF project as the startup project.
  • Setup issues with Prism v2.2/v4.0 when a non-default program is used to open zip files
    • Description: Article that explains and purpose a fix to an issue with the Prism 2.2/4.0 setup application, which happens when using a non-default shell handler for zip files.
    • Version: 4.0
  • Using resource dictionaries in modules
    • Description: When using resource dictionaries in a module, you might find some scenarios where the resources might not available on desing-time or runtime.
    • Version: 4.0
  • Using Application Library Caching in Prism modules
    • Description: This blog post provides an explanation and a possible workaround to fulfill the scenario of using Application Library Caching in Prism modules with both Unity and MEF.
    • Version: 4.0

Prism Version 2.2 Known Issues / Fixes

Prism Version 2.0 Known Issues / Fixes

Prism Version 1.0 Known Issues / Fixes

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