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Migration from CAB

If you are a Composite UI Application Block developer and you want to build a pure WPF or Silverlight application, you will notice that the Composite UI Application Block was not built to take advantage of the core functionality of WPF or Silverlight because WPF and Silverlight did not exist at the time the application block was developed. For this reason, the Prism Library was created. Prism helps you create complex WPF or Silverlight applications. This complexity occurs when there are multiple independently evolving pieces in an application that need to work together. The Prism Library has the same core concepts as the Composite UI Application Block, such as modularity, user interface (UI) composition, services, dependency injection, and event brokering. These concepts are essential for building composite applications; however, the implementation of these core concepts differs between the Composite UI Application Block and the Prism Library. Below you will find some resources that complement the information about this subject on the corresponding chapter in the Prism MSDN documentation.

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