This project is read-only.

Clone git repository requires VS elevation to Administrator to open


Having cloned the repository, it presents itself as ReadOnly. Having remove that constraint I discover that the folders are a bunch of shortcuts that trigger a copy of visual studio to load, ostensible with the associated projects/solution.

Obviously somebody let a bored co-op student setup this project.

1) I should not have to grant elevated privileged to a sample. It is security policy risk.
2) Non-standard project layout is stupid. Why not write it in a new language so that in exploring your sample I also get to learn a new language.
3) The expected value contributed by this sample represents a minuscule portion of my solution and should not occupy a great deal of time. If the solution is presented well, 10,000 people will spend 5 minutes (=50,000 minutes) and be happy. If it is poorly presented, 500 people will spend 20 (=10,000) minutes and be sad. Try and help the most people. You will be rewarded with popularity.