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using IConfirmNavigationRequest


I have a wpf prism based application. My shell is divided into two region
  1. NavigationRegion - listbox - (Contains Views Menu1View, Menu2View, Menu3View)
  2. DetailRegion. - contentcontrol
Each ListBoxItem in NavigationRegion is View which I call as Menu. All the views in NavigationRegion is populated using Stock trader RI's ViewExport attribute and AutoPopulateBehavior. The view that are present in NavigationRegion are Menu1View, Menu2View, Menu3View.

Onclick of listboxitem, the corresponding view is loaded in DetailRegion. e.g.
on click of
Menu1View ->loads Detail1View in details region.
Menu2View ->loads Detail2View in details region.
Menu3View ->loads Detail3View in details region.

I have to implement one scenario, in which if I change some data in Detail2View and click on Menu3view to navigate to Details3View, it should ask for save confirmation. If I press cancel on confirmation dialog, it should not navigate to Detail3View.

I read about IConfirmNavigationRequest which I can use. But I am little confused about which class will implement this interface in above scenario? Which class will show confirmationDialog?