My Application can't run becauseof ModuleTypeLoadingException when loading

应用程序: MIS.exe Framework 版本: v4.0.30319 说明: 由于未经处理的异常,进程终止。 异常信息: Microsoft.Practices.Prism.Modularity.ModuleTypeLoadingException 堆栈: 在 Microsoft.Practices.Prism.Modularity.ModuleManager.Han...

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Finding modules in App.config depends on currently active directory

I am trying to use PRISM 5/MEF to register modules and configure them via app.config file. But a module cannot be found whenever I am using a command line parameter to start the application, eg: ...

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NavigationsService.Navigate fires runtime exception after catching a runtime error with try..catch..end on a sub page

Hi, I have an Windows Phone 8 APP which runs great on most of the devices. But in the last few months customers reported APP crashes on their newer devices like Lumia 1520 oder 930. The App crash...

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BindableBase.OnPropertyChanged should be virtual!

protected void OnPropertyChanged(string propertyName) should be: protected virtual void OnPropertyChanged(string propertyName) It makes perfect sense to inherit BindableBase, and it also makes ...

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Navigation Problem

Hi, i´m a rookie in Prism and i have the following Problem: I had made a shell with one region (MainRegion) with a dockpanel. I had made 2 Modules, Module A and Module B. Both Modules have only ...

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ViewModelLocator is not in the namespace

To use the ViewModelLocator the following namespace needs to be defined: xmlns:aw="clr-namespace:Microsoft.Practices.Prism.Mvvm;assembly=Microsoft.Practices.Prism.Mvvm.Desktop" The reason for this...

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Cannot use GetExportedValue in MEF

I am trying to prototype a PRISM MEF application framework in order to restructure my project for usage with PRISM but I cannot seem to get this to work with MEF:

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Prism 5 WPF XAML designer error "Your views must implement IView"

When using ViewModelLocator.AutoWireViewModel I am getting "Your views must implement IView" design time error even though the views implement IView I am using VS2013 Update 2

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Issue with Microsoft Enterprise Library 6 SetDatabaseFactory

Greetings, I have installed Microsoft Enterprise Library 6 and using Visual Studio 2012 and SQL Server 2008. Everything has been compiled except the line which start as: Microsoft.Practices.Ente...

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Getting error when using Prism 4.1 and MEF.

Getting following error when using Prism 4.1 and MEF.\ Type 'AutoPopulateExportedViewsBehavior' does not implement from IRegionBehavior. Although I have implemented the IRegionBehavior interface, ...

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