Interaction requests in nested region aware menu items only work once

Hi, I’m stomped on this one. The Raised event of the InteractionRequest<T> is null the second time an interaction request is raised and hence doesn’t open the dialog. I managed to reproduce the ...

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Cannot Compile Prism 4.2 as well

When I try to compile Prism 4.2 I get following error: Error 1 The remote server returned an error: (407) Proxy Authentication Required. Prism.TestSupport Via TCPView i can see a connection tria...

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directory name containing # char causes FileNotFoundException exception.

In method MefFileModuleTypeLoader.LoadModuleType call to moduleInfo.Ref returns string "C:/Users/Yakov/Documents/C%23/Prism45/Source/Quickstarts/Modularity/Desktop/ModularityWithMef/ModularityWith...

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Cannot Compile Prism 4.2

I am unable to compile the PrismLibrary. Here is where I am starting after loading the solution into Visual Studio 2013 from the PrismLibrary Link. I would like to use this release, but I cannot ...

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Problem with PRISM 4 migration in .Net 4.0

We have migrated to prism 4 from CAL However after the migration, the views are not injected to regions when we run the application on a machine with .Net 4.0 The same code however works well on ...

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UI Validation for multiple views in a region

Hi, I am trying to load multiple data entry views onto a single content region. On each View the data context (View Model) is bound to presentation objects. All the presentation objects together f...

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Wrong Obsolete-AttributeText in the NotificationObject

In the NotificationObject class is an incorrectly text set in the obsolete attribute. Wrong [Obsolete("Please use Prism.PubSubEvents.PubSubEvent.")] Right [Obsolete("Please use Prism.Mvvm.Bindab...

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Must Remove "View" from Window View

I noticed to get my app to work using the Prism 4.2 for WPF beta, you have to remove the "View" from name of Window View in order to wire up with the ViewModel. As an example, my View must be name...

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WPF Prism Region Manager Issue

Hi, I am trying to learn WPF with Prism and using Modern UI Template. I have Problem with region Manager, unable to find the region in collections but the views are getting injected properly. Here ...

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Prism not working with Windows Azure Mobile Services

An exception gets thrown every time.

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