How to switch a view in (InfragisticsTabPane or Window Region Adapter)

Dec 22, 2008 at 5:47 PM

I'm using CompositeWPFContrib.Composite.Wpf.Infragistics region extension in my project. I can open the view as a docking windows or floating windows or tabbed windows in my project. But I'm not sure how to switch the view inside the docking windows.

For example: If I open the View1, it will be opened as a tab. Lets say there is a button in View1. If I click that button from View1, I want to switch the View1 to View2.

Note: View1 and View2 are not from same module.

How can I achieve this?


protected override RegionAdapterMappings ConfigureRegionAdapterMappings() {
            RegionAdapterMappings mappings = base.ConfigureRegionAdapterMappings();
            mappings.RegisterMapping(typeof(TabGroupPane), new TabGroupPaneRegionAdapter(Container.Resolve<IRegionBehaviorFactory>()));
            return mappings;


 <igDock:XamDockManager Grid.Row="2" x:Name="dockManager" >
                                  VerticalAlignment="Stretch" HorizontalAlignment="Stretch">
                    <igDock:TabGroupPane Name="TabGroupPane1"
                        cal:RegionManager.RegionName="{x:Static infrastructure:RegionNames.ContentRegion}"