Prism getting started advise

Topics: Prism v4 - WPF 4
Jun 25, 2014 at 10:06 AM
Dear all,

One of our customer request for one project is to be able to position the main application layout according to their needs, quite similar are a Web CMS today when building web pages but for WPF application type.

I have run through the Getting started demo of Prism in order to understand the structure to setup and the way to attached module to regions.

Then the next point for my scenario will be to handle communication between different views. Today in our classic WPF application we are using MVVM Light tool kit and use the Messenger feature to send message to subscribers in order to react to receive messages. That is quite simple to implement

Based on that I have different question hoping you could answer on helping me going to correct direction:
  • Does MVVM Light toolkit can be use for the MVVM layer instead of the one provided by Prism ?
  • Next based on my scenario I will have 3 different screen accessible like a panorama, then each screen will have his own region. Except the fact of defining the library module that will be used to build my screens and the way to communicate between views, is there any complex thing that I miss and could potentially get my implementation to fail ?
In attached PDF you will see a sample screen layout to illustrate my scenarios.
My sample layout

Thanks for advise