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Summary of what's new in the June 2008 Release

Note: These are the changes from the Cannot resolve release macro, invalid id. drop to the Composite Application Guidance for WPF 2008 release.
  1. Renamings & Refactoring
  2. Documentation

Renamings & Refactoring

  • The IModuleEnumerator.GetModule method now returns a single ModuleInfo instance instead of an array.
  • Extracted base functionality from WpfEvent class to the EventBase base class to make it extensible.
  • WpfEvent has been renamed to CompositeWpfEvent: The CompositeWpfEvent class is the only implementation of the EventBase class that comes out-of-the-box in the Composite Application Library. This class is in charge of connecting publishers and subscribers.
  • Merged (Collapsed) ActiveAwareCompositeCommand into CompositeCommand, and ActiveAwareDelegateCommand into DelegateCommand: When you want a command to execute only if it is in a view that is currently active (selected), make that command implement the IActiveAware interface. This interface has an IsActive property, which can be set when the command becomes active. Whenever the property changes, the command raises the IsActiveChanged event.
  • Created the Composite.Tests test project.
  • Added code comments.
  • Fixed issues.


New topics were added:
Added the Composite Application Library Reference: The reference provides information about the programming elements included in the Composite Application Library API.
New topics added in the Composite Application Guidance for WPF Documentation:
  • Composite Application Library Baseline Architecture. This topic introduces a candidate composite architecture that you can use to create your own baseline architecture. This document primarily targets architects and developers seeking a starting point for their composite applications.
  • Composite Application Library. This topic describes the goals, benefits, development activities, and customization activities of the library. This topic primarily targets architects and developers interested in using the library.
  • How to: Show a View in a Scoped Region. This topic describes how to create scoped regions and show views in scoped regions.
  • How to: Create a View with a Presenter. This topic describes how to create a view following the Model-View-Presenter pattern.
  • Technical Challenges topic in Stock Trader Reference Implementation. The table describes the technical challenges that the Stock Trader RI addresses
  • Composite Application Guidance for WPF Hands-On Lab: The Hands-On Lab demonstrates building a simple composite application, step by step. This topic primarily targets developers wanting to understand the basic concepts of the Composite Application Library.
  • Technical concepts: Added topics about the following technical concepts:
    • Shell and View
    • Event Aggregator
    • Communication
  • Patterns used in the Composite Application Library: Topics about the software design patterns applied in the Composite Application Library and Stock Trader Reference Implementation.
  • Deploying WPF Applications with ClickOnce: Topics about how to publish and deploy a WPF application using ClickOnce.
  • Customization Activities: Two new How to topics were added explaining how to customize the Library:
    • How To: Provide a Custom Logger
    • How To: Create a Custom Region Adapter
  • Fixed bugs, links and graphics.

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