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Event Aggregation

The Prism Library provides an event mechanism that enables communications between loosely coupled components in the application. This mechanism, based on the event aggregator service, allows publishers and subscribers to communicate through events and still do not have a direct reference to each other. The EventAggregator provides multicast publish/subscribe functionality. This means there can be multiple publishers that raise the same event and there can be multiple subscribers listening to the same event. Consider using the EventAggregator to publish an event across modules and when sending a message between business logic code, such as controllers and presenters. Below you will find some resources that complement the information about this subject on the corresponding chapter in the Prism MSDN documentation.

  • EventAggregator or Command
    • Version: 4.0
    • Description: In this thread there is an explanation about when it's useful to use EventAggregation and when it's useful to use Commanding.
  • Using EventAggregator with MEF
    • Version: All
    • Description: Article that explains how to wire up the EventAggregtor service from Prism into a MEF application.

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