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Prism projects at Codeplex

This list shows some of the projects on codeplex that are using Prism. The values for Downloads and Visits are updated to 5/21/2010.

CSLA.NET Contrib

CSLA.NET Contrib

This is a collection of contributions to Rockford Lhotka's CSLA .NET framework, which may include tools, add-ons, best practices and customizations that make it easier to use CSLA .NET.
  • Downloads: 22816
  • Visits: 60760

Multi-Touch Vista

Multi-Touch Vista

Multi-Touch Vista is a user input management layer that handles input from various devices (touchlib, multiple mice, TUIO etc.) and normalises it against the scale and rotation of the target window. Now with multitouch driver for Windows 7.
  • Downloads: 21421
  • Visits: 76124

Scrum Sprint Monitor

Scrum Sprint Monitor

Scrum Sprint Monitor provides the Agile team with hands-off, always up-to-date status of the current Sprint, both at the individual and team level.
  • Downloads: 12495
  • Visits: 16568


MyBusiness.NET is a .NET OpenSource ERP - System developed in C# using WPF, Entity Framework, MS-SQL-Server and MVVM.
  • Downloads: 7333
  • Visits: 15005



Calcium is a WPF composite application toolset that leverages the Composite Application Library. It consists of a client application and server based WCF services, which allow interaction and communication between clients.
  • Downloads: 6322
  • Visits: 14146

Data Access Guidance

Data Access Guidance

This Data Access Guidance project illustrates how to implement the Repository, Unit of Work, Specification, State and other patterns using ADO.NET Entity Framework 4.0, the ASP.NET MVC framework, Unity, Prism, and the WCF REST Starter Kit.
  • Downloads: 2687
  • Visits: 10388


This project was created to provide an application to manage a personal photo collection. Aside from being a personal photo management solution this project is also here to learn more about designing domain driven applications using Composite WPF.
  • Downloads: 2504
  • Visits: 3980

Composite Extensions/Test Suite Reference Implementation

This project provides a new reference implementation for the Composite WPF libraries.
  • Downloads: 1876
  • Visits: 16553

Composite WPF Shell

The purpose of this project is to develop a standard WPF application shell using the Composite Application Guidance for WPF. This project will develop standards, patterns, and best practices for building composite applications using WPF.
  • Downloads: 1345
  • Visits: 3052

NetAdvantage for CAL

The NetAdvantage for Composite Application Library (NCAL) from Infragistics enables NetAdvantage for WPF to be used in a composite WPF application. NCAL is a lightweight layer of code that provides region adapters for key Infragistics WPF components.
  • Downloads: 1256
  • Visits: 9157

FRC1103 - FRC Dashboard Viewer

This dashboard viewer and library is intended to be an alternative to the LabView dashboard viewer provided by FIRST and NI.
  • Downloads: 1239
  • Visits: 1349

Krystal POS

Point of sales application for Microsoft Dynamics AX (Axapta)
  • Downloads: 1113
  • Visits: 1643



Composite Surface/WPF/Silverlight 3/Silverlight 3 OOB project for fun and for demo-ing going from Silverlight to WPF and the use or resources in both kinds of projects and then again going from WPF to Surface allowing users to show the differences between all 3.5 environments.
  • Downloads: 934
  • Visits: 4272

Prism Tutorial

Prism Tutorial

Prism tutorial is a sample application that uses the Microsoft Adventure Works Light database to demonstrate how to build an application that uses: Entity Framework, WCF, WPF, Prism, EntLib for the Application Blocks.
  • Downloads: 933
  • Visits: 7077

Silverlight for Commercial - Large Scale Domains with RIA, Prism, Unity and MEF

Silverlight for Commercial - Large Scale Domains with RIA, Prism, Unity and MEF

The convergence and emergence of a set of critical enablers for the the commercial developer are here. Buzzwords to many become mandates to success and even existence when your revenue is your software. Doing it is still too hard and this is why we offer our emerging mashup here.
  • Downloads: 824
  • Visits: 2834


Composure will attempt to consolidate various interesting CodePlex frameworks into a comprehensive build environment for implementing non-trivial spikes and prototypes related to composite application and system development.
  • Downloads: 643
  • Visits: 4279


Matchingo is an implementation of a card matching game, built using C# .Net 3.5 SP1, Silverlight, Composite Silverlight (Prism), Silverlight Unit Test Framework, and using development techniques including composite UI, the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern, dependency injection, unit tests, event aggregation, LINQ, llamda expressions, and more.
  • Downloads: 564
  • Visits: 1445

Silverlight MVVM Toolkit

Silverlight MVVM Toolkit

The Silverlight Model-View-ViewModel Toolkit is created for those who are using Model-View-ViewModel design pattern for building Silverlight Business Application.
  • Downloads: 433
  • Visits: 3750

PRISM Dashboard RI

This is a simple reference implementation using PRISM to exemplify some of the core concepts and best practices for developing composite WPF and Silverlight applications.
  • Downloads: 432
  • Visits: 617

MVVM Reference Application

Community created reference application for M-V-VM frameworks to use for demonstration purposes, similar in concept to Pet Shop for web frameworks.
  • Downloads: 333
  • Visits: 5365



GWN-EHR: Open Source Electronic Health Record (EHR) Management System. Our vision statement is to create a Complete EHR in compliance with "Meaningful Use" criteria using the latest Microsoft Technologies such as Azure, MEF, PRISM, Unity, HealthVault SDK, etc.
  • Downloads: 293
  • Visits: 804


NQuisite aims to become the greatest Web Services exploring and testing application ever, with main focus set on WCF services.
  • Downloads: 237
  • Visits: 344

WCF RIA Services LoB Application

WCF RIA Services LoB application is a sample application that shows how to create Modular Silverlight applications with PRISM (Composite App Library) and WCF RIA Services.
  • Downloads: 182
  • Visits: 727


A composite WPF application made with Acropolis. Targets small business world.
  • Downloads: 172
  • Visits: 623


Implemented in C#, RoboDojo is a simple battle bot game in which developers implement their own bots to do battle with each other.
  • Downloads: 160
  • Visits: 379


A Quality control project. A simple extensible realization of ISO 9001.
  • Downloads: 110
  • Visits: 147 is a tutorial-based project to provide a free, professional and robust app to easily convert between image formats. It is for anyone wishing to convert files, either singly or in bulk.
  • Downloads: 93
  • Visits: 216


This library provides core functionality to facilitate the MVVM pattern in Silverlight using Prism. It also provides support for deep linking navigation using Prisms modularity namespace.
  • Downloads: 60
  • Visits: 294


A WPF Application written using the Prism framework which can be used for a Laptop -> Digital Picture Frame conversion project.
  • Downloads: 53
  • Visits: 254

World Index

The World Index project is a Silverlight project that is built to expose UN Millenium development goals using their public available data as datasource.
  • Downloads: 40
  • Visits: 396

Silverlight Application Framework

Silverlight Application framework using Silverlight,MEF,Sync,Sockets,duplex,charting,rest and many more.
  • Downloads: 34
  • Visits: 269

.Net 4.0 WPF Twitter Client

A .Net 4.0 Twitter client application built in WPF using Prism.
  • Downloads: 26
  • Visits: 169

Visual Stock

Visual Stock

Visual Stock is a stock data retreive, anlysis and visualisation application build on Microsoft Composite Application Library.
  • Downloads: 25
  • Visits: 196


A network client for uTorrent over the uTorrent-WebAPI.
  • Downloads: 24
  • Visits: 180

Rapid Dictionary

Rapid Dictionary is a Translation Dictionary initialized by language learning network
  • Downloads: 23
  • Visits: 118


SmartFront is a group of utilities and framework pieces which allow to quickly building Smart Client application in WPF and in Silverlight.
  • Downloads: 20
  • Visits: 143


NColony helps aggregate, filter, and prioritize various sources of information. Initially, this project will support RSS feeds. But, future versions will support any source of information updates (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Google Wave, E-mail, etc.)
  • Downloads: 10
  • Visits: 193

Composite WPF Extensions

Extensions to Composite Client Application Library for WPF.
  • Downloads: 5
  • Visits: 50

POCO Bridge

This project aims to provide a solution for bridging Silverlight and Pure .NET code.
  • Downloads: 1
  • Visits: 7


A browser like tabbed application
  • Downloads: 0
  • Visits: 5



HappyNet is a project using best practices to build an e-commerce web site. It is a full Silverlight application based on a solid architecture (PRISM + MVVM) and the AventureWorks database. It tries to answer some frequent needs and questions from the web.
  • Downloads: 0
  • Visits: 0

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