Summary of the Problem

The Prism v2.2/v4.0 setup application invokes a Windows Scripting Host script that uses the Shell.NameSpace method to open the included file as a folder. The script then iterates through all the content in the archive (treated as a folder) and extracts the content. The problem occurs when a non-default shell handler is enabled for zip files that does not support a folder view of the content, for example PKZip. The failed folder view results in an error in the script and termination without extracting the content.


Set the windows support for Zip files as the default handler for files of the Zip type. This can be accomplished by opening the properties for a zip file and changing the default handler.


Selecting change and choosing Windows Compressed as the default handler instead of a third party handler that may not support a folder view will resolve the issue.

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dnordahl Nov 25, 2013 at 4:58 PM 
This still doesn't work for me after doing this fix. Same problem when I try to run the CompositeApplicationGuidanceForWPF. Silently fails, no prompt for install location. I've never had this much trouble installing a windows app. Just fix the dang installer!

Peter2060 Jul 9, 2011 at 8:22 AM 
Silently failing like this is not good! Can't an error message be added to the installer? Or a message box with a warning for everyone when it starts? Otherwise, this help page should be made more prominent.