Silverlight version of Microsoft.Practices.Composite.Tests project does not compile for some paths

If the Prism v2.0 source is deployed to folder structures that include certain characters, the Composite.Silverlight.Tests.csproj does not compile.
The characters known to cause problems are: '%', '*', and '='.

Setting up certain tests for remote module loading involves creating a xap file that needs to be processed. The creation of this xap file is done during a PreBuild event by the Mocks\Modules\CreateXap.bat batch file. This batch file does not properly handle certain characters in the directory path during execution. This does affect run-time usage of Prism since unit test assemblies are not deployed, but may affect your ability to create the library assemblies.

Change the path structure to not include the particular characters causing problems or exclude this test project from the solution.

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